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Service Information for St. Sabbas Orthodox Monastery



Saturdays   6:00 pm    


Hours, Divine Liturgy    

Sunday     9:30 am    



Confessions can be heard at any weekly vesper service or by appointment

Sacraments are administered only to Baptized Orthodox Christians who have made arrangements with the Archimandrite 




Monastic services are served daily at varying times according to the schedule of this monastery.  Please see the normal daily service schedule below.

Please note:  Monastic services usually begin within one half-hour (+/- 30 minutes) of scheduled start time depending on the day.

Services are monastic, lay people may attend provided the rules of the monastery are followed (please see our "Visitor Etiquette" page).  Please contact us via email for additional information.

You must arrive in good time before the begining of the service.  The main gates are closed once the service begins.  If you are late, we are sorry, but you will have to properly plan ahead next time.