Mother Church of Christianity

Church of Theotokos birth place
Monastics of the Mt. of Olives
historic icons
Mother Mosea and Archimandrite Pachomy
Mother Mosea who helped in the founding of St. Sabbas
Place of St. John the Baptist beheading
Sister on Mt. of Olives
Street of Jerusalem
Patriarch Theopholous and Archimandrite Pachomy
St. Mary Magdalene
Tomb of Theotokos
Tomb of Theotokos and tombs of St. Joachim and Anna
Mt. of Temptation
Cave on Temptation mount where the Lord slept for 40 days
Mother Theoktisata and Archimandrite Pachomy Romanian Patriarchate Jericho
St. Gerasim Monastery in desert
Abbots embracing at St Gerasim Monastery on Feast Day
Lazarus Tomb
Walk to Holy Seplechure
guardian of Tomb with Archimandrite Pachomy
The Lord's Tomb
Place of Adam's Tomb
Monk of the Holy Seplechure
Elevation of Holy Cross
Veneration of Holy Cross
Holy Communion at Golgotha